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How to Make a Vodka Martini with Cucumber

The martin is considered by many as the king of cocktails.  Even though the martini is nearly a century years old, it still possess class, elegance, and glamour which is why it is still very popular up until today.  In fact, you can ask any bartender and they will most likely have this very delectable cocktail drink under their myriad of cocktail knowhow.  This is because the martini will always simply be among the top list of cocktails that any bartender should know.

The classic martini involves the use of gin and vermouth.  These days though, the use of gin can is often replaced by vodka since vodka is both colorless and tasteless, unlike gin which carries with it the flavor of juniper berries.  While for the aficionados of classic martini, they prefer gin as their base spirit, more modern martini drinkers prefer the vodka martini as it specially enhances the flavors that you add with the martini.

These days, one of the very popular vodka martini varieties is the vodka martini with cucumber.  It is a very refreshing drink thanks to the coolness that cucumber brings.  It is very subtle yet creates that very appealing charm the martini is known for.  The cucumber martini is light in taste and possesses a sweet and cool taste of cucumber.

Here’s how to make a vodka martini with cucumber:

2 oz. Vodka
3 cucumber slices
3 mint leaves
¼ oz. lemon syrup
¼ oz. simple syrup

To create the vodka martini with cucumber, make sure you have the necessary ingredients you need to make the cocktail.  Once you have everything on hand, get your metal cocktail shaker and place the cucumber slices and the mint leaves inside.  Get your muddler and muddles and must the ingredients inside until they completely break down.  Now add your vodka inside the shaker along with the lemon juice and simple syrup.  Add in some ice and place the cover of the shaker and shake.  Shake the content energetically and vigorously.  The purpose of shaking is to allow the contents to mix well and to take the temperature of the ice without the spirit getting diluted by the ice.  Shaking also adds air to the concoction making it tastier.  Strain the contents of shaker into martini glass.  Garnish the drink with cucumber and mint.  Serve and enjoy.